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“putting yourself first is necessary for living a healthy life.”

What ONE Life Coaching Clients Have to Say

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“Working with Kristin has been such a wonderful, life changing experience. Since I was a teenager, I have always struggled with emotional eating. It has resulted in a lot of shame surrounding my decisions around food.  After working with Kristin my mindset around food completely changed.  She equipped me with some nutrition knowledge, but most of the time, we worked on fixing the deeper, limiting beliefs that I had been weighed down with for years. She taught me an amazing process that helped me reframe my negative thoughts around eating. As a result, I was able to lose 10 pounds in about 5 weeks. I have never felt more confident about myself, and I am not nearly as stressed when making decisions surrounding food.  She is a very inspiring friend, and coach. She has helped me to take control of my life, and finally feel confident and free.”

Eileen, Colorado

“I came to Kristin for a reset, to obtain clarity about some life questions I had and to have someone support me as I took steps to become a healthier, more well-rested me. During our time together, I addressed my mindset about certain topics (e.g., professional next steps, a physical change of address, etc) and I was able to make several empowering decisions that I feel very good about. Kristin was the consummate professional on every call we had--warm, knowledgeable, a great listener, a good sense of humor, and empathetic. With my new understanding of how to achieve my empowered decisions, I feel good about the months and years ahead.”

Alyson, Georgia

“Dealing with confrontation has always been a challenge for me. Kristin helped uncover a hidden limiting belief around my fear of confrontation that was rooted in my desire to feel heard and needing to prove myself to others from my childhood. The safe space she held for me helped me also realize that I no longer needed to prove myself to others…that through the evolution of my personal development journey, I WAS already a role model and inspiring those around me, especially my family.  And in not needing to prove myself to anyone anymore, I can shift my focus on fostering strong relationships and communication with those around me instead.”

Jacquelynn, Florida

“Kristin provided space for me to explore what was really bothering me.   She helped me realize that it isn't things on the outside that are causing my overwhelm but what is going on inside and how I was looking at the situations.  Working with Kristin gives you clarity and I now understand intentional living.”

Liz, Ontario

"Kristin helped me by first evaluating where my mental health and wellness were at. The challenge for me to think deeper while keeping an open mind was an extraordinary experience. She gave me the tools and taught me how to alter my thought process to persevere with a more calm and positive mindset. The support provided during difficult discussions was pure comfort and understanding. If I can highlight one thing about her style of coaching is that there is a sense of genuine kindness in a completely non-judgmental space. Not only does she provide the support during coaching calls, but she continues that support in between sessions as well with a high level of accountability that really helped. Having someone who truly cares and wants only but the best for you is five star quality. I found the overall experience life altering. She provided me the tools to continue throughout my entire life. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristin King to anyone looking to take their life to the next level!" 

Lauren, Kansas
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