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"unity is the way of grace in harmony."
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When we come together in harmony and in support of one another we are able to overcome our challenges or obstacles and create the highest vibration of love for our own, and one another's healing.  Spiritually, we are connected as one, and that’s why struggle, separation, and dissonance in our body and in our life must be healed to find the peace, calm and harmony that we desire. 


Pause from your crazy busy schedule and let's come together and reconnect with our best self in nature, move our bodies back into balance, meet new women on their own healing journey, grow an invincible mindset, and relish in real transformation together!
dates to come -

FALL 2024

Why is reconnecting important?
We are busy and constantly inundated with tasks, to-do’s, and responsibilities.  In fact, in the 21st century humans consume more information in one week than our ancestors consumed in a lifetime, just 200 years ago. So much stimulation and consumption leads to chronic stress and overwhelm making it easy to lose sight of what really matters.  


- the new world motto
“As a confident woman I love myself and I love all of the imperfections that make me who I am.  I am committed to leading from a place of love, accepting my strengths and my weaknesses.  I live in acceptance of others as they are on their own journey, same as I.  I will take care of myself first, and this will allow me to live with more happiness, health, and peace in my body, in my mind, and in my life.  
I will not live in judgment of myself or others.  I will acknowledge my expectations and when those expectations serve me, and when they do not.  I will love myself fully, so that I have the capacity to love others more deeply for who they are.  By operating with this accepting and loving vibration the people in my life will be positively impacted by my presence.  
When I focus on being the best version of me, I accept that others are being the best version of themselves, we can stand together in our natural beauty and grace.”
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