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“if nothing changes, nothing changes.” -courtney c. stevens


I am a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, mentor, author, and speaker. Until 2022, I owned and operated a fitness center, which is what kicked off my own health journey and focus on holistic wellbeing.  I'm a long-distance trail runner, wife, and mom to two little boys.  In 2016 my husband and I left the city and left corporate America to raise our family in our favorite mountain town in Colorado.  We wanted to escape the hectic city life, and I was looking for some inner peace.  What I discovered in 2016 was not what I ever could have imagined. Making sweeping changes like leaving the city and moving to a very small charming town did not actually create the slower paced or less stressful life, like I thought it would. The chronic overwhelm and anxiety I had been dealing with for decades was still with me (only now in better scenery)! I was doing all the things I loved; being active, fulfilling a lifelong dream of entrepreneurship, and being at home more with our growing family, yet I was still struggling to make sense of my emotional state and why I felt so stressed all the time. I was asking myself the question “what is happiness really?” expecting that I should be feeling differently, or worse off that something was wrong with me.  Living in my favorite place, being active on a regular basis, and being an entrepreneur was my dream come true - life should have been great, wouldn’t you think? 



What I came to understand was that the feelings of stress and overwhelm were inside me, and they would stay with me no matter what, regardless of the sweeping changes I made in my external environment and the short term solutions I had tried. After years of chronic stress, some health issues popped up that were increasingly challenging to navigate. This started me on a very powerful mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness journey that I am so grateful for.  It was time to make some BIG mindset shifts, create some powerful new decisions, and change my internal state.  I became fascinated by human behavioral phycology, gut health, mindset, and more natural ways to healing and optimizing my health and energy.  I want this for you and other women as well! Please reach out today, and let's jump on a brief call and make an introduction to see if I can help you reach your health goals!

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As a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach my program provides clients 6 months of coaching support, new tools, a personalized plan, daily accountability, and you taking aligned action towards optimizing your health! This empowers you to make powerful and substantial changes that improve your health and wellbeing for the long haul!  Think of it as YOU 2.0, as I talk about in my book, YOU 2.0; 3 Secrets To A Stress-Free Life.  The key lies in recognizing that optimizing health is not about drastic overhauls, and me or anyone else tell you what to do.  You know what's best for you, and this is your unique journey.  The transformation stems from the cumulative impact of small, daily shifts in habits and behaviors that are unique to what you need as an individual, and where you are today.  By identifying and addressing the patterns that may have contributed to a sense of stagnation, frustration, unhealth, chronic anxiety and overwhelm, my clients create a lifestyle suited for them that fosters energy, longevity, and vitality!

Start your transformation to holistic health by downloading my FREE Wellness Guide!

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