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“lead with love and you will never fail.”


I am a Mindset Wellness Coach, mentor, speaker and gym owner.  I'm a long-distance trail runner, and mom to two little boys.  In 2016 my husband and I left the city and left corporate America to raise our family in our favorite mountain town in Colorado.  And what I discovered was not what I ever could have imagined.  Making sweeping changes like leaving city life and moving to a very small and charming mountain town did not actually create the slower paced or less stressful life, like I thought it would.  The stress, overwhelm and anxiety I had been dealing with for years was still with me (only in better scenery).  I was doing all the things I loved; being active in nature, fulfilling a lifelong dream of entrepreneurship, and being at home more with our oldest son, yet I was still struggling to make sense of my emotional state.  I was asking myself the question “what is happiness really?” expecting that I should be feeling differently. Living in my favorite place, being active on a regular basis, and being an entrepreneur were all of my favorite things - life should have been great, wouldn’t you think? 



The feelings of stress and overwhelm were inside me, and they would follow me no matter where I went, regardless of the sweeping changes I made in my external environment.


After years of chronic stress, some health issues popped up that were increasingly challenging to navigate.  This started me on a very powerful mental, emotional, and physical wellness journey that I am so grateful for.  It was time to make some BIG emotional shifts, new decisions, and change my internal state.   

The truth no one is telling you...

What if I told you that you can heal yourself today, as you are, and with no magic pill, but by developing mindset mastery and implementing small habits for health?   What if you knew that everything you need to feel great, and create the life and lifestyle you dream about is available to you, right now?   What if I told you that you are the only one holding yourself back from your greatness, and you are your only obstacle?   


If I have the ability to break un-serving patterns of habitual stress, overwhelm and anxiety that consumed me for hours every day, and my clients have broken their own negative thought patterns that were not serving them, as well as thousands of others before, I know that everyone can benefit from this work that I teach.  Each of us has the ability to feel calm, peace, and joy now, while creating the life that we truly desire! 

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As a Mindset Wellness Coach, I educate my clients by teaching a proven mindset methodology crucial in the long-term transformation of how the brain processes the experiences in our lives, so that we can take back the control of how we feel and respond to those experiences, events and people in a way that serves us well, and is in alignment with what we want and truly desire.  This allows my clients to live with more calm, peace, happiness, and joy, amidst the chaos and distractions in the world. 

By teaching women how to break the habitual patterns of stress and overwhelm and how to live more confidently, it will open up the space for them to gain the clarity they need to figure out what they really want and desire.  We then focus on total mind and body wellness, and the strategies needed optimize their wellness and implement powerful 'Habits for Health' - when we improve our emotional, mental, and physical health, and live in alignment with our desires, we can live our ONE Life from a place of Intention and Power!

Start your transformation to better health and wellness by downloading my FREE Wellness Guide!

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