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Group Coaching Sept 2023!



8 Weeks to Transformation

Group Coaching Program for Women

1 Goal, 8 Weeks, Infinite Possibilities



Group Coaching Program

Fall Into Grace - 8 Weeks to Transformation

Starting Sep 5, 2023, 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

Tuesdays evenings 90 minutes

Always at 6 PM MST // 8PM EST

WHO: You, Kristin, and an awesome community of like-minded women

WHAT: Group Coaching Calls, Community, Private Group Support, Resources, and more!

WHERE: Held on Zoom

WHEN: Tuesdays at 6 pm MST // 8 pm EST 

The Zoom link will be sent with details before the first night of the coaching program.  Add all of these dates to your calendar, and we'll see you there! 

Conference Crowd

Fall into Grace and Transform Your Life!

One Time Payment of $297 

 or email: if you prefer 2 payments of $150

Fall Into Grace, by ONE Life Coaching -
8 weeks to Transform Your Life!

This program is for women looking to get clear on their path to self-love and personal transformation, and to feel more confident and take the action needed to live with more grace and fulfillment then ever before! 

How do you live with more grace and personal fulfillment?  You stop playing out the patterns that are not working in your life and cause you to feel let down, frustrated, and defeated. You can stop keeping yourself busy busy in order to not have to deal with the truth inside, stop doing all the things you think that you 'should' be doing, and do more of what’s needed to elevate where you're at today!  In this Group Coaching Program, Fall Into Grace, you will give yourself the time and permission to do the things that help you connect in your light, and allow you to lean into your best self!  Start saying “yes” to what you need, instead of “not right now”, “I’m too busy” or “I’ll get to it later”.  Your well-being, health, and fulfillment depend on you saying “yes” to yourself today, and to stop waiting for things to change, so that you can finally feel better.  What’s going on inside of you is the most important journey of your life, and it’s time to pay attention to what you need, and have the accountability and support to take action and make a change! 

These 8 Weeks to Transformation will allow you to lean into the woman you are meant to be, connect to your best self, and allow more of YOU to shine!  

Calls will be held on Zoom, Tuesday evenings at 6 pm MST / 8 pm EST.

9/5/23 – Week 1 All about YOU (self-love to transformational health) 

9/12/23 – Week 2 The Truth 

9/19/23 – Week 3 What Happens Next

9/26/23 – Week 4 The Action Plan

10/3/23 – Week 5 The Follow-Through – Healthy Habits That Support You

10/10/23 – Week 6 Your Best Self – Future YOU

10/17/23 – Week 7 Your Relationships / Home Life

10/24/23 – Week 8 Your Lifestyle / Career / Other

11/7/23 - Bonus Call

Auditorium Audience

“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change how you’re being with it that’s causing you to suffer”


❖ 8 weeks of Group Calls w/ Kristin

❖ Tuesdays at 6 pm MST / 8 PM EST

❖ Free copy of YOU 2.0 - 3 Secrets To An Empowered Stress-Free Life

❖ 7 steps of Self-Love Process

❖ Private Daily FB Group Support

❖ Kristin’s Guide to Longevity and Health

❖ Visualization and Breathwork Exercises


❖ Weekly Mentorship and Accountability

❖ Learn how to give yourself permission to take care your higher needs

❖ Personal Breakthroughs in Health and Mindset

❖ Increased Energy and Confidence

❖ Understand Triggers, Stressors, Emotions

❖ Live your ONE Life with more Peace and Love then ever before

❖ Establish Habits for Health (that you can fit into your busy life)


Join Fall Into Grace Today
8 weeks of Transformation

Secure your spot for $297

OR email: if you prefer 2 payments of $150

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